The Top 5 Most Popular Day Spa Treatments And What They Can Do For You

December 8, 2018

You can get more than just a massage at a day spa. These days, spas have become popular by offering a wide variety of treatments. These all natural procedures are a relief from everyday problems, from physical troubles like dry skin to mental health problems like stress. facials Des Plaines offer us a break from our hectic lives, and a chance to detoxify and rejuvenate.

Here are the top 5 treatments they have to offer.

Relax And Recharge With A Massage

You can get massages in lots of different places, but a day spa massage can’t be beat. One reason is that their staff are highly trained at what they do. Another reason is that you can get all kinds of massages at such a place, including aromatherapy ones, stone ones and deep treatments aimed at specific problems like stiff joints, muscle spasms or lack of energy.

The Classic Facial

The facial is the second most popular treatment. This is a classic procedure designed to wipe away the damage that everyday life puts on your face. They use steam, peels, masks, lotions and more to rejuvenate your face. The good ones have all current means available to give the best facial money can buy. They can get rid of dead skin, treat drying, help with blemishes and give your face the deep cleaning it needs.

Rejuvenate Skin With Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular new treatments offered at day spas. This is an overall rejuvenation that is safe, easy and non-surgical. It removes the top outer layer of dead cells so that your new skin can breathe. The old skin chokes the collagen that makes it naturally smooth and healthy, and this treatment clears off the old. Microdermabrasion uses a diamond-tipped wand to buff away the old part. It can be used for the face as well as body.

Get Wrapped Up

One of the classic treatments is the body wrap. This is where they wrap you up in algae, seaweed, mud or some other natural substance that you wouldn’t ordinarily want to be wrapped in, and unwrap you 20 minutes later. These natural materials work to detoxify your body. After you’re unwrapped, they give you a lotion massage and you feel as good as new.


Aromatherapy is gaining popularity in day spas because it is easy and effective. An herbal wrap is an aromatherapy treatment where towels soaked in essential oils are wrapped around the body. Essential oils offer various health benefits, and can be used to treat a wide range of problems including stress, depression, anxiety and fatigue.